The trade association for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry in the UK. It has just under 500 members drawn from manufacturers, distributors and installers of timber doors, windows, conservatories, staircases, all forms of architectural joinery including shopfitting, timber frame buildings and engineered timber components, as well as suppliers to the industry.

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Responsible Sourcing

Specifying legal and sustainable timber

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How safe are your fire doors

Ensure you specify or use only third-party accredited fire doors and compatible components.

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An Introduction to Fire Doors - Part 1

This training programme helps you understand how firedoors save lives and property.

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An Introduction to Fire Doors - Part 2

  • How a door performance is measured.
  • What is certification?

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An Introduction to Fire Doors - Part 3

  • What is the BWF-Certificate Scheme.
  • Components that make a fire door work.
  • Further Education.

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Top Tips to Avoid Common Staircase Problems

Stairs are one of the most hazardous locations in a building and faulty construction or installation of staircases contributes to a wide range of risks and problems. In response, The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Stair Scheme has launched: 10 steps to a successful staircase installation.

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