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Jan 12th 2016, 09:56

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In this video we will go through the steps of lodging an Energy Performance Certificate into the central register. The process is illustrated using a dwelling located in England with the SAP 2012 calculator, but the same steps apply when lodging a report for a dwelling in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

PLEASE NOTE, the Scottish regulations have been updated since this video was made. Dwellings in England, Wales and Scotland should all be lodged using the SAP 2012 calculator. For dwellings in Northern Ireland, please continue to use SAP 2009.

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KEYWORDS: Energy assessment, SAP 2012

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EDT provide online SAP calculation tools for use by On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA). The tools include BRE approved SAP Calculators for SAP 2012 v9.92, SAP 2009 v9.90 and SAP 2005 v9.81 for the energy efficiency assessment of newly constructed dwellings. We work with approved accreditation schemes to enable accredited users in the UK to lodge EPCs using our software.


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