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1. Construction Industry Overview - History of the Industry

It is often difficult for people new to the construction industry to understand why things are done a certain way. This brief history of the UK construction industry explains the key influences which led to such fundamental concepts as contracts, form of design, regulations & standards and even the way we build.

The first half of the story is set before the start...

2. Construction Industry Overview - Market Sectors

In this course we look at the nature of the construction industry, how the market is split into sectors and what they represent. Exploring the different sectors, giving an overview on the sector sizes and trends, as well as influences on construction demand.

Programme duration: 17 minutes

3. Construction Industry Overview - Industry Structure

Reviewing the construction industry’s structure, this course is designed to help you understand the different organisations in the industry, their role and how they inter-relate. The different roles in the construction team are reviewed, including the Client, Professional, Contractor and Supplier.

Programme duration: 33 minutes

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4. Construction Industry Overview - Supply Chain Mechanics

In this course we look at the elements of the supply chain and their alternatives. The construction industry has a large and complex supply chain. This course looks at how the process of construction is structured. The main forms of contract used to deliver projects are explored, looking at the Traditional Contract, Design & Build, and Management Contracting.

5. Construction Industry Overview - Government Influence

Government is a key influencer and driver for the British construction industry. This is because of legislation, initiatives and the targets it sets itself and the projects it commissions or cancels. This course reviews the different government departments and the most influential agencies and advisory bodies. This course will help you appreciate how legislation is developed, implemented...

6. Construction Industry Overview � Drivers for Change

The construction industry is dynamic, with a number of drivers for change. These factors influence how decision makers’ needs are changing and the ways that the market will have to respond. They represent both threats and opportunities. They are also the key issues which evolving products and services need to respond to. This course will present an overview of some of the main...

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