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Marmox (UK) Ltd is a British owned company. As part of the International Group of Marmox companies, we sell high quality products to the Construction and Refurbishment industries that are cost effective.

We are conscious of the need to protect our environment and so we ensure all our products are energy efficient.

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Marmox on concrete floor

How to insulate concrete floors with Marmox Multiboard. Ideal for use with underfloor heating wire.

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Marmox on wooden floor

How to insulate a wooden floor with Marmox Multiboard. Ideal for use with underfloor heating wire.

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Marmox on timber frame

How to fix Marmox Multiboard to a timber frame.

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Interior wall insulation

Marmox Multiboard can be used in a variety of ways around the house. Used as a drylining board Multiboard can significantly reduce heat loss when using even as thin as a 12.5mm Multiboard direct to the wall. Various thicknesses of Multiboard up to 60mm are also available. A great solution to insulating exterior walls when insulation on the outside would effect the look of the building.

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Exterior wall insulation

Heraklith wood wall panels can be used as an exterior wall insulation and finshed with a lime render.

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Marmox Showerlay

Easy create a slope to the drain in a wetroom with a pre-formed Marmox Showerlay.

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Marmox Showerlay Plinth

When installing a Marmox Showerlay it is not always practical to put new pipework below the floor level. Using a Marmox Showerlay Plinth solves this problem by raising the Showerlay off of the floor by 100mm creating a step into the shower. Here is how to install...

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