4. Construction Industry Overview - Supply Chain Mechanics

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In this course we look at the elements of the supply chain and their alternatives. The construction industry has a large and complex supply chain. This course looks at how the process of construction is structured. The main forms of contract used to deliver projects are explored, looking at the Traditional Contract, Design & Build, and Management Contracting.

Programme duration: 24 minutes

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KEYWORDS: Construction Industry

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Competitive Advantage Consultancy specialises in market research, sales & marketing training, strategy development and implementation specific to the construction industry. Our courses focus on construction marketing or construction sales challenges. Competitive Advantage are constantly researching the construction market and participating in construction industry groups, therefore we have a very good understanding of what drives construction decision makers – this is included in our seminar material, with established theory, supported by practical experience. Whether new to the construction industry or experienced there is always something for you to gain from these programmes.
While there are many sales and marketing training providers, very few have a focus on the construction industry



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