Calculating Design Wind Loads to BS 6399-2

The Construction CPD Certification service has awarded a certificate for the seminar which gives a step by step guide to using the wind code calculator software developed in accordance with...

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Construction Update - Targeting the education sector

Construction Marketing News brought to you by The Building Academy and Construct UK

Welcome to the construction marketing update, our regular webcast bringing you...

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By A-Z of Construction Sales & Marketing

Door Bolts

The subjects that we have looked at so far have been to do with products that are to be found on almost every door. The remaining topics are those that are only applicable to certain doors...

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Door Closing Devices

Welcome to the fourth section of this Foundation Module which is looking at door closing devices.

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Door Furniture

This is section six of the Foundation Module where we will look at the fittings that most people are familiar with, namely the handles and fittings which we pull or push to operate the door...


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