Door Furniture

This is section six of the Foundation Module where we will look at the fittings that most people are familiar with, namely the handles and fittings which we pull or push to operate the door...


Engineered wood products for modern methods of construction

This presentation covers the background and use of engineered wood products, in particular I-Joists, pre fabricated panelised sections and stud walls and how such products overcome problems...

9 ratings

cpd certified

By James Jones and Sons Ltd

Escape Hardware

Here we return to products that are fitted to doors rather than doors themselves. In particular, we want you to really understand the difference between the two types of escape door, which...

1 ratings


Exterior wall insulation

Heraklith wood wall panels can be used as an exterior wall insulation and finshed with a lime render.

1 ratings

By Marmox

Fan Convector Heating

This CPD from Smiths Environmental Products will be discussing the benefits of fan convector heaters in relationship to sustainability, energy efficiency, suitability for various...

7 ratings

cpd certified

By Smiths Environmental Products

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