AluK Corporate

The AluK Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of a range of aluminium building systems, combining years of experience in the development of innovative solutions that improve our...

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By Aluk

Approved Document E - Resistance to the passage of sound

In 2003 Part E of Building Regulations was amended to try and improve the standard of acoustic construction. This programme addresses the issues faced in four modules. Once you have...

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By Knauf Insulation

Architecture FAB Showreel

Architecture fab is a 3D creative studio based in London, UK. The company specialises in creating still, animated and interactive media based on 3D generated computer models. With a passion...

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By Architecture FAB

Calculating Design Wind Loads to BS 6399-2

The Construction CPD Certification service has awarded a certificate for the seminar which gives a step by step guide to using the wind code calculator software developed in accordance with...

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Construction Update - Targeting the education sector

Construction Marketing News brought to you by The Building Academy and Construct UK

Welcome to the construction marketing update, our regular webcast bringing you...

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By A-Z of Construction Sales & Marketing

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