Exterior wall insulation

Heraklith wood wall panels can be used as an exterior wall insulation and finshed with a lime render.

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By Marmox

Fan Convector Heating

This CPD from Smiths Environmental Products will be discussing the benefits of fan convector heaters in relationship to sustainability, energy efficiency, suitability for various...

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cpd certified

By Smiths Environmental Products

Fire and Escape Doors

Here we take a step away from products that are fitted to doors to look at doors themselves. In particular, we want you to understand the difference between a fire door and an escape door....

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Foundation in Hardware - an overview

This presentation is a short overview of the GAI Foundation in Hardware education module. In just two and a half minutes it sets out to provide an appetiser of the style and the content of...

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Generate a draft EPC

In this video we will go through the steps of lodging an Energy Performance Certificate into the central register. The process is illustrated using a dwelling located in England with the SAP...

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By Energy Design Tools

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